Accu ✔ Check™

Inspections meet Standardization...

AccuCheck™ is an innovative, first-to-market inspection software package that revolutionizes the automobile inspection process through:

  • Automation
  • Standardization
  • Communication

We've learned that different inspectors can evaluate the same situation, yet end up with widely varying interpretations of its cause. There are obviously a lot of pitfalls met by this method. With AccuCheck™ you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're basing your important business decisions on industry standards and facts.

Here is a look at the key differences between doing an inspection via standard methods, and doing one the AccuCheck™ way.


Standard Inspections

  • Reports tend to be subjective so between-report comparisons are difficult
  • Reports are not based on any sort of uniform standards
  • Report formats vary between companies and are not optimized to fit the client's needs and goals
  • Photographs are not consistently provided for each aspect of the inspection

AccuCheck™ Inspections

  • Automated, checklist-based software guarantees accuracy and objectivity in every report
  • Reports are based on industry standards and facts
  • Reports are customized to meet each client's needs, with separate report formats for different types of craft
  • Photographs are fully integrated into the reporting system and are delivered instantly using the latest technology

The Hallmarks of AccuCheck™

S  peedy delivery of reports
M eets your legal needs
A  utomated for maximum consistency
R  egulatory and industry standards met
T  echnology guarantees accuracy

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