Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the inspection process take?

A. Upon receipt of the inspection request, the closest qualified inspector is assigned. The inspector will call the repair facility contact and schedule an appointment to perform the inspection within 24 hours. The timeliness of the inspection is dependent on the schedule of the repair facility and service technician having obtained prior authorization for any required disassembly and being prepared to demonstrate all failures.


Q. Can the inspector call the adjuster from the repair facility?

A. If the client requires a verbal report, the inspector call from the inspection location to provide their findings and answer any questions the client may have.

Q. Does the inspector test drive the vehicle?

A. The inspector's will ride along with a representative of the repair facility who will demonstrate a particular problem to the inspector. In some rare cases where this can only be completed by the inspector operating the vehicle, will the inspector actually drive the vehicle with the repair facility representative.

Q. Will the inspector raise the vehicle on a hoist?

A. It is the responsibility of the repair facility to provide access to a hoist and properly set the vehicle up and operate their equipment. The inspectors are instructed not to operate any of the repair facilities equipment.

Q. Does the inspector perform the disassembly or testing if it is required?

A. It is the responsibility of the repair facility to obtain authorization for any disassembly and to demonstrate all failures to the inspector.

Q. What are the inspector's qualifications?

A. Most of our inspector's are ASE or Factory certified service technicians with years of experience. Some have a combination of certifications.

Q. What is your guarantee?

A. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our inspectors report or we will send another inspector at our expense or not charge for the initial inspection.

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